Vote YES on Ballot Issue Question #1


Fort Collins is a great place to live, work, and play! Let’s keep it that way…without increasing taxes. On April 2, 2019, Ballot Issue Question #1 gives Fort Collins voters the opportunity to continue to invest in our community that we care so much about.


Vote Yes to continue the revenues from the 2010 voter-approved “Keep Fort Collins Great” .85% sales and use tax for critical city services.  Groceries and prescriptions will still not be taxed.


The revenues from this tax pay for:

  • Street Maintenance and Repair
  • Fire Protection and Emergency Services
  • Police Officers and Public Safety
  • Other Transportation Needs
  • Community Priorities
  • Parks and Recreation

Vote YES to fund the firefighters and police officers who keep us safe, and for the proper equipment to keep THEM safe.


Vote YES to maintain our streets at the level we have come to depend on.


Vote YES to support parks, playgrounds, trails, bridges, sidewalks, transportation, and more!



Ballot Issue Question #1 will NOT increase our taxes. It MAINTAINS the “Keep Fort Collins Great” .85% sales and use tax.

The current Keep Fort Collins Great tax rate of .85% will stay the same but the structure will be different.

  • .25% Quality of Life funding to expire in 10 years.
  • .60% Permanent Funding goes to the base tax rate for critical services.
  • Your ballot will read: “Shall City of Fort Collins taxes be increased” because a portion shifts from a temporary tax to the permanent tax base.
  • This will not increase your current tax rate.
  • It is a better fiscal approach for the City.

Fort Collins has one of the lowest sales tax rates among Front Range cities with a base rate that hasn’t increased since 1981.

  • 36 years later…it’s time for secure funding for the community we love.

In 2010, voters approved the .85% tax increase “Keep Fort Collins Great” by a wide margin. This tax expires in 2020 along with the revenue we’ve come to depend on unless we vote “Yes” on Ballot Issue Question #1.


What do we get in return? A Fort Collins we love!


Thank you for your support. Please include your address with your donation as we are required to record it when reporting our funds raised to the city.

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