“As a lifelong resident of Fort Collins, I support Ballot Issue Question 1. Continuing the existing level of funding ensures not only a safe community but the quality community that we love.

As your Mayor, I want to ensure that Fort Collins citizens are getting the right level of services and at the right price.

A YES vote on Ballot Issue Question 1 is supporting our public safety, quality street maintenance, parks and recreation services, transit services, and numerous ADA improvements as we work to make our community the best place for everyone.

A YES vote on Ballot Question 1 is a vote for Fort Collins now and for Fort Collins future. By making a portion of the existing KFCG tax on-going, we can ensure critical City services continue while still honoring the accountability and transparency our residents take seriously.

Ballot Issue Question 1 is for our community. Vote YES for what you love about Fort Collins.”

– Wade Troxell

Current Mayor of Fort Collins

“I’ve been a member of City Council for a total of 10 years (three terms as Mayor and one term as a City Council member). I’ve seen major cutbacks during the Great Recession and then voters say “enough!” and approve a tax to restore and support critical services.

Voters approved the “Keep Fort Collins Great” .85% tax 10 years ago. The ballot question before voters on April 2 is to continue that tax. What’s different is that part of the tax would be added to the City’s permanent base tax rate (this is new and why the ballot is worded as a tax increase) and part would be renewed for another 10 years. The City’s base tax rate has remain unchanged since 1981.

Make no mistake. This is not a new tax. It’s to continue what voters approved almost a decade ago. It pays for police and firefighters, for street maintenance, for our parks and recreation facilities. It accounts for almost $34 million of resources for essential City services. It is important. Please join me and vote “YES” on City Ballot Issue Question #1.”

– Ray Martinez

City Council Member, District 2
Former Mayor, City of Fort Collins (1999-2005)

“I strongly support the continuation of the Keep Fort Collins Great Tax. These funds give our city the money it needs to keep our neighborhoods safe, maintain our streets, build parks with activities for everyone and pay for the police and firefighters that keep us all safe. I believe the funds have been wisely used according to their intended purpose, and I am confident this revenue will continue to benefit the Fort Collins community. I am voting YES to Keep Fort Collins Great! (Ballot Issue Question 1)”

– Susan Gutowksy Councilmember District 1

“I hope you will join me in voting yes on Ballot Question 1, Fort Collins Now. Almost 10 years ago, Fort Collins citizens voted for the KFCG tax measure to ensure that we could fund core services like Fire, Police and Streets in our community. With this new tax measure, residents won’t see an increase in taxes, but will continue funding
these important city services. The KFCG tax dollars really have kept Fort Collins great, and have allowed us to fund safe routes to schools, affordable housing units, and the Timberline Recycling facility. On April 2nd, please vote for Fort Collins Now. Let’s continue to take care of our city and the amazing people who live and work here.”

– Kristin Stephens

Councilmember District 4

“With my transportation background, various city activities, and eight years on the Transportation Board, I continue to be amazed at what this city has accomplished over the years and recognize the critical need to continue the KFCG tax that we voted for in 2010. Continuing the KFCG tax is a perfect investment to keep the city we all love on par for years to come.”

– Garry Steen

Alumni member of CityWorks 101, community volunteer, past member and chair of the City of Fort Collins Transportation Board, past participant of a Budgeting For Outcomes team, and small business owner. Retired traffic safety manager from a state department of transportation.

“Ballot Issue Question #1 is a tax renewal that is critical for maintaining our community.

Dedicating sales tax dollars to invest in safety, roads and parks makes sense for Fort Collins today and tomorrow. I support our firefighter and police services. I believe in local investment in our roadway infrastructure. I’m proud of the Fort Collins parks and trails systems. I am a business owner, community volunteer, CSU alum and I support Ballot Issue Question #1. Fort Collins Now!”

– Amanda Miller

Campaign co-treasurer
The Place Setting Company

“I’m proud to endorse Fort Collins Now – Ballot Issue Question 1. For close to five decades, starting with Designing Tomorrow Today in 1973, our community has voted on municipal tax initiatives to ensure that our city has the resources required to provide high-level municipal services. Fort Collins Now supports essential City services including street maintenance and repair, public safety (police and fire), parks and recreation, and more. Our City has a proven track record of accountability, transparency, and stewardship with our tax-payers dollars. Supporting this effort renews our commitment to the community we love.”

– Sam Houghteling

“Fort Collins is a standout among cities. Our roads are well cared for, we enjoy a large array of well maintained and thoughtful parks, we live in a safe community and have high quality emergency systems. I have had the privilege to work with passionate professionals at Poudre Fire Authority, the City’s Parks Department and Fort Collins Police for the last 20+ years on our community’s largest festivals, public safety and emergency planning, and more. I can’t imagine an easier thing to vote YES, because I want to maintain our city’s high delivery of essential services and give these dedicated public servants the tools they need to carry us into the future of Fort Collins. I will 100% be voting YES on Ballot Issue #1 and I encourage all my fellow citizens to do the same!”

– Peggy Lyle

Director, Downtown Fort Collins Creative District
Owner/Founder, The Rhythm Company
Highlights/Boards: Downtown Fort Collins Business Association, Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest, FoCoMX, Colorado Brewers’ Festival, Startup/Artup Week and the Fort Collins Musicians Association

We have a wonderful community – great neighborhoods, lots of recreation choices, a good transportation system, and top-notch fire and police services. These didn’t happen by chance.

Ballot Issue Question #1 is asking voters to extend the “Keep Fort Collins Great” tax.

It is not a new tax.  It is asking to renew the tax rate voters approved 10 years ago.

However, there is a bit of a twist. While the .85% tax rate remains unchanged, the structure is different. It separates the tax so one part is added to the City’s base tax rate and becomes permanent and the other part remains as a renewable tax for another 10 years.

Don’t be fooled by the ballot language.  It asks “Shall City of Fort Collins taxes be increased by an estimated amount of $34,000,000…” While it’s not an increase to the tax rate we (and visitors) already pay, it is new to the City’s tax base. That’s why the ballot is worded as it is.

Bottom line:  Ballot Issue Question #1 is a request to extend a tax rate that has been in effect for almost 10 years. It helps to pay for the services and amenities we love and expect of our community. Continue the “wonderfulness” and VOTE YES on Ballot Issue Question #1!

– Diane Jones 

Community volunteer, founding member of The Formation Group, retired Deputy City Manager for the City of Fort Collins.


“My name is Rick Richter. I have been a Fort Collins resident for the past 34 years. I have worked in the Engineering field for the past 40 years and 20 years as a Pavement Engineer. Approving City Ballot Issue Question 1 on April 2nd is critical to maintaining the City’s street and bridge system. If we allow these important assets to deteriorate, it will increase the costs down the line. Keep our roads and bridges safe VOTE YES on Question 1!”

– Rick Richter

“My name is Tim Buchanan. I am a long-term resident of the City and first came to Fort Collins to go to CSU. I worked in the field of urban forestry and was City Forester for 40 years. I know firsthand that our Fort Collins park and urban forest systems are elements of our community that enhance our quality of life and are essential in keeping Fort Collins a great place to live. Approving Ballot Issue Question 1 is critical for keeping our park system upgraded and maintained at a quality level so we can continue to enjoy the leisure and recreation opportunities it provides. Its approval will also ensure the maintenance needed on City trees that will provide an attractive, environmentally beneficial and safe City urban forest. Inadequate funding for the maintenance of the City’s green infrastructure discourages use and compromises safety. Keep our City parks and trees well maintained and safe for all our citizens to benefit from by joining me in voting YES for Question 1!”

– Tim Buchanan

“The City of Fort Collins has benefited greatly from the Keep Fort Collins Great sales tax that supports public safety, street maintenance, parks, and more. I’m going to vote yes on Ballot Issue Question #1 to continue this smart investment in Fort Collins’ future. You should, too!”

– Emily Gorgol

District 6 Council Candidate, Community Advocate​​

“Supporting this effort renews our commitment to the community we love, because as our community has grown, so have the demands. These dollars support our high quality of life, keep our neighborhoods safe, provide good streets and alternative modes of transportation, offer parks with wide ranges of activities for all, and guarantees fire and emergency services permanently. I truly believe this initiative is a necessary step to take to keep growing our quality of life and
maintaining safety in our community.”

– Joe Somodi

Candidate for City Council District 1

“I support Ballot Issue Question 1, maintaining our current level of sales tax. This tax funds the things that make Fort Collins unique and enhance our quality of life. A City is more than a place to live. We are a community that values a high quality of life and this tax is required not only to fund the basics but to fund the projects and programs that make Fort Collins a unique and special place to live. I believe that, as a community, Fort Collins has leadership role to play, to innovate and share our experience with other communities to help make the world a better place. Voting for Ballot Question 1 is voting to fund excellence in our community and beyond.”

– Fred Kirsch

“As a local business owner, I know how important it is to have excellent City services and facilities. Voters approved this tax almost 10 years ago. This ballot question is to renew the tax—it’s NOT a new tax—so we all can continue to benefit from and keep our community the super place it is to live and do business. Please cast your vote as a “YES” for City Ballot Question #1.”

– Wynne Odell

“Since the KFCG tax was approved by voters in 2010, City leadership has proven to be good stewards of our tax dollars. During my time as your City Councilman, I saw first hand how a portion of this tax is essential to maintain the current outstanding level of service from our emergency and safety services.”

– Gino Campana

“This tax funds basic core services for police, firefighters, bridges, parks, affordable housing and other “civilized” services. I fully support the continuation of KFCG.”

– Glenn Haas